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The News Tribune v. Cayce

By Jacquelyn Smith / 23/01/2018

Most coverage of the case of The News Tribune v. Cayce focused on the conduct of 2 Superior Court Judges–Judge James Cayce and Judge Michael Hecht. Judge Cayce closed a courtroom during the taking of a deposition in a criminal case in which the defendant was Judge Michael Hecht. Judge Cayce’s decision to close the courtroom prompted The […]


Vacating your Criminal Conviction in Washington state

By Jacquelyn Smith / 15/01/2018

Is your conviction a felony or a misdemeanor? Different statutes and different courts determine whether to vacate a conviction depending on whether that conviction is a felony (see RCW 9.92.066, 9.95.240 and 9.94A .640) or a misdemeanor (RCW 9.96) or a juvenile offense. The defendant’s sentencing court is normally the court that shall hear a […]


Photo enforcement ticket defenses

By Jacquelyn Smith / 07/01/2018

In Washington state, photo enforcement tickets do not go on a person’s driving record. Because of this fact and the amount of the fine involved it generally makes very little sense for a person to hire a lawyer for a photo enforcement ticket. It also makes no sense, if photo enforcement cameras are reliable and a […]