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Jury Selection and a Winning Case

By Jacquelyn Smith / 18/02/2018

Less than 3 weeks ago went to trial on a Class A Felony case. My client was charged with Burglary in the First Degree. During jury selection one of the potential jurors volunteered she had been a victim of a residential burglary and she thought she could not give my client a fair shake. The […]


The News Tribune v. Cayce

By Jacquelyn Smith / 23/01/2018

Most coverage of the case of The News Tribune v. Cayce focused on the conduct of 2 Superior Court Judges–Judge James Cayce and Judge Michael Hecht. Judge Cayce closed a courtroom during the taking of a deposition in a criminal case in which the defendant was Judge Michael Hecht. Judge Cayce’s decision to close the courtroom prompted The […]


Court Decisions – Michigan vs Bryant

By Jacquelyn Smith / 30/12/2017

When we look at some cases in the past and some recent ones, we can look that although there might be some things that may lead to some illegality, in general, these cases are proven to be on the right track. Of course, the defense will always point out that there have been some things […]