Court Decisions – Michigan vs Bryant

When we look at some cases in the past and some recent ones, we can look that although there might be some things that may lead to some illegality, in general, these cases are proven to be on the right track. Of course, the defense will always point out that there have been some things that can make the trial illegal or there have been some circumstances that can make an innocent man look like a monster but that is simply not true. After all, the defense’s job is to get their client to safety whether he/she is guilty or not. The decision we are talking about is a rather simple one than a complex.

post1aFirst of all Bryant was sentenced for murder because he shot a person in front of his house. The police officers testified and of course, the defense stated that the defendant has the right to Confrontation Clause. This Clause offers a possibility for defense to examine the persecutor in a cross-examination. Without this right, the testimonial of a deceased prosecutor is considered a hearsay. Or in other words, those officers who have testified were considered a form of hearsay.

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