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Washington Marijuana Laws: What You Need to Know

Even though recreational marijuana was made legal in the state of Washington, there are still some restrictions. It should be noted that the lawmakers of Washington are still trying to figure out how to safely implement these new rules. So in a sense, marijuana is technically still against the law.

Here’s what you need to know about the Marijuana laws in Washington:

Legal Purchasing

In Washington, there are stores that are legally allowed to sell marijuana. However, these stores or “dispensaries” are not permitted to sell anything else. They can only sell products that are marijuana or items relating to it. Furthermore, finding these stores is really simple. There are two ways to find these stores; the Leafy Store Finder and using the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis board.

Traveling with Marijuana

Because it is legal in only Washington, you may not take the marijuana you purchase out of the state. Not to mention, it’s also against the law to drive while under the influence of marijuana. If you are suspected of driving while you are high, you will have a blood sample taken at a police station or any medical facility. Should the blood sample contain 5 mL of THC or more, you will be arrested. You must wait five hours or more, depending on the type of marijuana you consumed, in order to drive.

Public Use

Smoking marijuana in public is against the law no matter what state you live in and even Washington is no exception. Marijuana can become very overwhelming, not only to you but to everyone else around you. Even though there is no record of anyone dying from smoking marijuana, it can still impact your mind and thought process.

Marijuana Storage

The state of Washington has actually had a spike in poisonings because children have accidentally consumed marijuana. Because of this, the Washington lawmakers have made specific laws regarding the containment of marijuana. The main purpose of these storage laws is to solely prevent kids from ingesting it.

With these rules in mind, you now have the responsibility to smoke marijuana to your heart’s desire. Just remember to be careful of how much you smoke/eat and be mindful of your surroundings as well.

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